Silvano Bolmida


Silvano Bolmida GrapesSilvano Bolmida's small winery consists of 5 hectares of vineyard in La Bussia, Italy, cultivated by himself and his family. When he took over the business from his father, he was keen not to lose sight of the rich tastes and scents of his classic vines, but to also to be experimental and innovative.

Exceptional care and attention is given to every single vine and the grapes are harvested by hand. There is then a long fermentation process, giving the wine a richness of flavour and a balanced elegance which has been acknowledged worldwide.

Silvano's Barolo wines, which includes the Barolo Bussia and the Vigna dei Fantini, are aged in the bottle for a minimum of 14 months and are ready to be consumed on purchase. They can, however, be stored for an additional time in the bottle as they continue to mature.


Wines Produced by Silvano Bolmida