Mark Savage is one of a handful of British masters of wine and has the most incredible palate for undiscovered wines that he finds from both well-trodden and obscure parts of the world. Artisanal rather than industrial wines, these gems form a collection gathered over 40 years of travel and tasting.

Mark isn’t interested in critics’ scores, which he says so often reflect just the concentration of the wine, instead he looks for finesse in well-crafted wines coming only as a result of much hard work, dedication and passion on the behalf of a winemaker who considers meeting the quality standard of his appellation as not enough.

His fine wines pass more than the ordinary scrutiny in respect of natural balance, vitality and originality and Mark won’t settle for mediocrity nor will he put his name to anything that falls short of excellent. He states that he looks for intelligent and sensitive producers who don’t interfere too much and drown out the voice of the terroir but who channel it into producing outstanding fine wines.

Refined, original and refreshing, you don’t find better wines at these prices and if there was ever a palate to trust, it would be one with as much experience and expertise as Mark’s.

"I don’t think Mark Savage could buy a dull wine if he tried"

"If you want the purest demonstration of wines with irresistible taste of their place, Savage Selection offers a thrilling range. Drink ‘em all’ from 2012."

Oz Clarke (MW)

Wines in the Mark Savage Collection: